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How to Make Rickshaw Advertising More Productive



There are billboards and advertisements on the tube stations, bus stops and in the market place. These advertisements are seen only when you get to the spot. The rickshaws provide you with a better option and that is of an advertisement on the move. You may say that that moving advertisements are on the bus also. But at times the bus moves too fast to allow people to read the advertisement. The rickshaw moves at a slow pace allowing you to read and take note of the advertisement. Let us see how the rickshaw advertising can be made more productive.


Utilizing the body

There are ample parts on the body of the rickshaw that can be utilized for the advertising. Some of them may be accessible to the riding passenger, while the bulk of it is readable by the passersby. The seat and foot panel can be used for the content which you may want the rider to take note of. The public can see the visuals on the frame, side panels, wheel hub caps, and back panel of the rickshaw. A branded cap and t-shirt worn by the rickshaw rider can also convey the message.



You can add a wee bit of customization to the advertising on the rickshaw so long as you do not break the laws. It is possible to add customizable canopies and front panel advertising space in addition to the rickshaw body advertising.



For specific artwork design the people can ask for pre-sized panel templates from the Rickshaw Advertising vendor. They will work on the template to provide you with print ready PDF files in HD. Once you approve them they are given for printing. You can also use the design services of the advertising vendor in case you do not have the capability at your end. The artwork after printing goes on to the designated number of rickshaws as per your requirement.


Promotion of concept

You can promote any new concept through the rider on the rickshaw. It could be the use of a new mobile or a laptop or a moving office concept that you can bring to the notice of the people. The artwork, customization and use of the rickshaw body for advertising can add to the whole exercise.


You can get the message across to the whole city if you hire a multiple number of London Pedicabs for the advertising. Just imagine the number of people who will get the message making the whole aspect highly productive.